Levelling system
Fun-Sports miniature golf courses


By equipping the FUN-SPORTS course with levelling system, any course can be adjusted to the requirements the resident sport club finds useful (e.g. totally straight, a drift to the left, only the "green" has a drift to the left at the flat loop, ...); but also small ground settlements can quickly be remedied! In short: All possibilities in sport and maintenance are kept open.

Advantages in sport

Adjustment according to the points of view of sport
the levelling system is "hidden" and can not be manipulated by everyone.

Advantages in maintenance

As the FUN-SPORTS course is so-to-say "sunk", no leaves, dirt, and rubbish can be blown under the courses from where they are difficult to remove. The tidiness of your course is a decisive factor of profitability!

Advantages for long-term durability

The ballast bed (not visible) underneath the lanes enables the water to drain off quickly. No moisture nests can be developed by the combination of leaves and dirt that could have negative influence on the long-term durability of the course materials.

Cost factor

Approx. 120 m2 tile material for 18 lanes can be spared in the space underneath the courses. Result: Lower overall investment costs.


With FUN-SPORTS the special installation of the bases for the levelling system is already included in the price for installation. The customer only has to provide approx. 250 composite stone tiles and approx. 2 m3 concrete or prefabricated cement.