Fun-Sports miniature golf courses Overview
you can put your own course together by choosing from the lanes
*Course 01 A Pyramids Typ A *Course 13 Double wedges
..Course 01 B Pyramids Typ B *Course 14 Irregular passages
*Course 02 Somersault *Course 15 Middle circle
*Course 03 Sloping circle with kidney
*Course 16 Volcano
*Course 04 Waves *Course 17 "V"-Obstacle
*Course 05 Flat loop *Course 18 Right angle
*Course 06 Bridge *Course 19 Flash of lightning
*Course 07 Ski-jump with net ..Course 20 Straight run without obstacles
..Course 08 Straight hole with target window ..Course 21 Sloped circle without obstacles
*Course 09 Tunnel ..Course 22 Circular plateau
*Course 10 Staggered obstacles for a straight run *Course 23 Rising wedge with entral opening ("favourite killer")
*Course 11 Labyrinth ..Course 24 Steep inclines without "V"-obstacle
..Course 12 Truncated cones ..Course 25 Sloped circle with "V"-obstacle
Fun-Sports recommends the courses marked with *.