Order of a computer outline
for FUN-SPORTS felt-golf courses

FUN-SPORTS felt-golf course type A . 18 lanes . 12 lanes . 9 lanes
FUN-SPORTS felt-golf course type B . 18 lanes . 12 lanes . 9 lanes . 6 lanes

To make this computer outline in a proper way we need following facts/documents from the customer:

Measured plan with directions (as a file or on paper)
Informations about surroundings, entrance, parking area
Requested building (location, size) and entrance
Unchangeable things (like trees, underground pipes,...), restrictions of construction

By signature the customer orders from FUN-SPORTS a computer outline of the projekt above. For this drawing (scale 1 : 200 to
1 : 500 is decided by FUN-SPORTS) FUN-SPORTS will charge 150,-- EUR additional fees. From our complete planing offer the customer gets back up to 500,-- EUR when a FUN-SPORTS course is ordered.

All prices are plus value added tax effective on the day of delivery as well as other legal rates and taxes, and are to be paid with no deductions. Furthermore our General Terms and Conditions (as per: 5/2006) apply, as well as the agreements made in the purchase or lease contract. Not binding offer. Errors and type-changes reserved.


company / institution
contact person
full address
phone, fax, email


town, date